An outline of the UX research methodology

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Traditionally, the user experience research process is divided into four stages: find, explore, test, and listen. We break them down even further at the good to better suit the demands of ecommerce leaders. Everyone must know about theĀ ux research which makes you understand the users view. We will go through each stage in our method in greater detail later in the post, but for now, here’s a high-level overview.

  • Set goals: Before diving into explore, we recommend levelling up on the project and explicitly articulating your objectives.
  • Create a context: Here you begin the discovery phase, learning what you don’t already know and removing any preconceptions you may have about shoppers and their behaviour.
  • Research: Following that, conduct your research to better understand the issues and friction areas that your clients are experiencing. This is our take on the ‘explore’ stage.
  • Synthesize: As an extension of your research or ‘explore’ phase, arrange your findings and identify strategies to meet the demands of your users.
  • Optimize: This is our take on the ‘test’ and ‘listen’ parts of your user experience research methodology. Begin implementing tests and optimizing your efforts in an iterative cycle. Doing a user experience research is necessary.

There are a variety of ways that can be used during these stages as well. However, when implemented effectively and intelligently, this technique can yield enormous benefits. Furthermore, a website created with user intent in mind can increase conversion rates by 200 percent and, in certain situations, by 400 percent.