Boons and banes of Ageism in Singapore

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Singapore was an ordinary place when it gained independence 50 years ago. People of that place were optimistic because they knew that to become a developing nation, the country should have to concentrate on its people and its population. At that time, the country had poor infrastructure, fewer resources, and year-round tropical heat. But without seeing this as a problem, the people of this nation believed in themselves, and their manpower focused on work.

Ageism in Singapore depends from person to person, and they have their view regarding ageism, i.e., boons and banes.

With age, people gain wisdom

Wisdom is directly proportional to age- As people of Singapore, or people across the world, age, face different situations and experiences that help them make decisions accurately and help them evolve daily.

Population of Singapore

It’s difficult to ignore the ageism in singapore because the nation’s future economy will not be able to rely on the same demographic inputs that it has and powered global expansion in the past. As people age, they face a variety of problems like Chronic illness and dementia, and many people in Singapore are suffering from various types of diseases due to old age.

Ageism can be a curse or can be praise

According to United data nation, there are 5,883,486 people in Singapore. The country’s teenagers are happy and give praise to their life because they can do anything or work fully without being dependent on anyone. Still, compared to older adults of Singapore, they think ageism is a curse because when they become old, they have to depend on others for survival.