Car Seat Guide – How to Choose the Best Car Seat for Your Child

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Traffic accidents are the nastiest nightmare for any parent as they are a great reason of injuries for kids. Making certain that your child is appropriately secured in a safe car seat could help reduce the risks considerably. There are many kinds of car seats to select from and it can seem similar a bit of a jungle.

Infant Seat

You requisite to protect your newborn as much as likely so you can carry your baby completely safe plus secure. The seat for your newborn baby is perhaps one of the easiest to use. It is typically easy to install plus secure in the car and can be carried everywhere by the handle.

Forward Facing Seat

When your kid is around the age of one plus weighs 20 pounds you could change to a front-facing seat. You need to use your body weight as you place the car seat in the correct place to make certain it does not move otherwise slide in the car.

Convertible Seat

This type of seat could be adjusted as your kid grows. These seats have 5-point attach that is buckled at the chest plus below with adaptable straps. Many of these seats could be placed back-facing for while your baby is too big for its baby seat but still not big sufficient to sit in a forward facing car seat.

Select a car seat from Petit Tippi thefollows the safety standards plus make certain you install it properly as this will decrease the risks of injury through a traffic accident