Know about the structure of modern Japanese houses

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Modern house in Japan. From Tokyo and the city of Kyoto to the countryside, you will find a good example of modern architecture and design in Japan. Space is limited in many cities. These families have innovative small gardens and modern designs storage options. You can also find Amoma and hot tub in modern Japanese houses, a hot tub also brings a bathtub.

The border of the Japanese house is made of wood and weight is supported by a diagonal horizontal beam of the vertical column. If foreign technology is imported to Japan, the opposite support is easy to use. The other features of the Japanese house have a great roof and deep blades because the house frame keeps the weight of the roof, but protects the house from the hot summer sun.

Tokyo House Aomori Architect uses half the height of the ceiling.

Between the dense distances between adjacent houses, read the Tokyo corrugated steel box of Ishimoto architects. The architectural area is 280 square feet and architects strategically manipulate volumes and managed them in two internal. The outer wall is manufactured by cement and wrapped in corrugated steel. The internal neutral palette strengthened calm minimalism. A crisp white wall adds an exposure of a crate to a wooden window or ceiling.

In modern Japanese houses are Folded at the entrance with certain damping of the stairs to the room or the bathroom, the kitchen and the rising restaurant. Amoma Guests may choose to have rental housing and divide the night area into two bedrooms.