Learn more about Sleep Apnea Testing

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Sleep apnea, a persistent sleep disease characterised by a breathing while sleeping. The sufferer is rarely conscious of the periods of shortness of breath, and the daytime symptoms include tiredness, morning headache, dry mouth, and raw throat. The most noticeable symptom, which is generally observed by family or acquaintances, is loud and excessive snoring. However, sleep apnea testing is required to diagnose the condition. Know about Entific.

Polysomnography (PSG) is the most often used method for detecting sleep apnea since it analyses the heart rate, state of sleep, levels of oxygen in the blood, any difficulties breathing, eye movement, and muscular activity. PSG can be performed at home with the assistance of a special monitor and a sleep technologist to connect the equipment, but the best technique is to perform PSG in a sleep lab.

Sleep apnea testing in a lab involves monitoring the patient while they sleep, which is typically done overnight. The patient goes through usual evening rituals such as brushing their teeth, putting on pyjamas, and so on before being connected up to the equipment that will measure their actions throughout the night. This setup takes some time.

Once all of the monitors are connected, the patient goes to sleep on his or her own schedule. The time it takes a patient to fall asleep is also an essential factor in sleep apnea tests. Once the sleep apnea testing is completed, the sleep expert reviews the data and, if sleep apnea exists, works with the patient and the patient’s physician to arrange an appropriate therapy with sleep apnea surgery hk.