Sparkling wines are all around the world

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Don’t be deceived by the bubbles. Although sparkling wine and Champagne both have a delightful effervescence and a comparable signature “pop” when uncorked, the two labels have different names for a few reasons. The method of producing sparkling wine is used all over the world. Each country has a distinct version of its own, with varying focus on fruitiness, bubble size, and procedures. You can get your favourite champagne delivery from many websites. However, the popular types from various regions include:

  • Prosecco: This renowned Italian sparkling wine boasts huge bubbles and a fruity aroma, making it a popular choice for mixed drinks like mimosas or bellinis. This is often a dry or off-dry sparkling wine made from Glera grapes with Bianchetta Trevigiana though its fruit-forward character can make it seem sweeter.
  • Sekt: This German sparkling wine varies in sweetness and dryness and is often less alcoholic than Champagne. During the Treaty of Versailles, France was granted ownership of the classification “Champagne.” Since then, Germany’s sparkling wine has been dubbed Sekt.
  • American sparkling wine: There are endless flavours to discover in sparkling wines, ranging from blends made with typical Champagne grapes to vintages made with an entirely different formula. You can buy sparkling wine online
  • French sparkling wine: Sparkling wines can be created in France (outside of the Champagne region) and come in a variety of sweet, dry, and rose variations.
  • Cava: A Spanish sparkling wine made from Macabeu grapes, this varietal is considered to have a flavour similar to Champagnes.