Why Is Aegis Advisors So Famous?

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For the past 14 years, Aegis Advisors team of admissions counselors has worked closely with families to provide personalized guidance and support to help students gain admission to world-class colleges in Hong Kong as well as colleges and university boarding schools in the United States and the United Kingdom. We believe that each student deserves the approach that best suits their individual needs and requirements.

Aegis Advisors’ goal is to enable students to go to the university of their dreams, make significant personal progress along the way and succeed in life.95% of our students get into the university of their choice.We will help you realize your potential and achieve your educational goals as quickly as possible.

A personal approach

Are you considering studying at a top international school in Hong Kong or your dream university in the United States or the United Kingdom? Aegis Advisors has the experience and assets to help every student succeed in their studies. That’s why our education advisors have the expertise to provide comprehensive guidance on key steps in the application process.

Whether you’re looking for comprehensive support for international college, boarding school or university applications, UCAS private applications, frequent admissions essays or private university applications, or quick assistance with admissions and admissions interviews. Our team of trusted admissions counselors is ready to help.

Our qualified admissions counselors assist students with

  • Academic planning
  • common entrance exam tutor
  • Choosing a college
  • Opportunities – UCAS, Common App, UC, etc.
  • Personal applications and college essays
  • Preparation for admissions interviews
  • Entrance Preparation
  • Enhance your profile
  • Tutoring and education
  • are available.

Why not try applying to the university of your choice with the support of OGIS Soken? Don’t hesitate to contact us.