Working With healing frequencies To Heal The Body And Mind

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The frequencies used for healing body ailments are considered a part of sound wave therapy which is used to heal people. It is used to induce a state of ease and harmony in the body using sound wave frequencies in the body. These different frequencies of sound can have various effects on the human brain and its activity. It is believed that once new frequencies are introduced in the brain, it reacts differently to them as the brain waves are compelled to sync to the frequency of the induced sound waves. It effectively launches the mind into a different “state” and reflects a holistic effect on the body. These healing frequencies are supposed to help the body by helping the mind in order to heal itself better and faster.

Use of instruments for healing

Many instruments are used to help with the healing process as they produce sound waves at particular frequencies. Some instruments that help in healing the mind better have been listed below:

  • Gongs
  • Windchimes
  • Pan flutes
  • Hang
  • Singing bowls also play an important part in the healing process by emitting healing frequencies.
  • Drums


These instruments help in reducing anxiety as well as stress, as they increase the ability to focus and induce confidence in the person experiencing the therapy. It helps in significantly improving the quality of sleep we experience which in turn has many benefits such as better long-term memory. It also helps in reducing problems like hypertension, and joint pains that are all related to stress.